Monday, February 8, 2016

Dragonfly Fighting Machine and the Carnival



The eyes...the all important eyes.

First see what some transparent viscous enamel looks like on a domed silver cup.


Nyet, I didn't like it.



Titanium domed cup with some heat colouring.



Some more experiments--getting there.


The eighth model and I kind of like them

Heat treated titanium with the center engraved.

Titanium does not like engravers.


So then I made a silver surround and a glass cover in which I drilled a hole through.

The center silver tube will be set with a with a stone of unknown colour as yet.

The center part screws into the head and holds the whole affair together.



More work on the head.

These gem nuts are set with amethysts.




All the infrared scanner units, power supply to the jaws and target acquisition gear is being installed.

I would show how they work but I am afraid it is all top secret.


Things are moving forward.



Photographing my sculptures has always been a mission, so I built a rotating table that can take the weight of them.

I used parts from an old printer that a buddy of mine gave me.


At the same time I made a box out of aliminium and steel so that I can turn it into a light tent for the camera.




In Europe, they take the carnival seriously.

This was the first time for Anne and I to see what the Dutch do during carnival.

For one, there was a lot less drinking than in Germany.


This lot were very well trained, with all kinds of dance moves.


The exuberance of youth mixed with a few ales knows no limits.

Also there was a lot more music than in Germany.


The master of ceremonies.

Check the speakers below them.

In St Maarten they of course take it way over the top—these speakers would be merely regarded as a nice set of ear buds there.




I got lots of lights left over from the various shops I have had.

So I made a system for my plants.

I jam the little spikes through the flex. They only 12 volt led’s.


And now all my plants have got lots of light through the winter.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Work and play.





This is the control interface that goes to the head.

I made it up to final finish because I won’t be modifying it further.



It plugs into the back of the head.

This control column is the interface from the pilot to the brain of the fighting machine.


Then I started making the tail fins.

Then I file both sides halfround and drill 0.7 mm holes through both to lock them into place.

Then I remove the locking pins and sandwich a flat piece of copper together between them.

Later, I will remove the copper again and give it a patina or texture.

Closer to completion, I am going to make a bonfire outside, braai some meat, drink many beers and and cook all the separate copper parts in the fire to get a burnt/orange/black look.



Like this.

These are quite labor intensive, and I think I will need about ten more fins.

So I got my work cut out, so to speak.



I also am playing with the eye.

In any sculpture to me the eye can make or break the piece, so I start using different materials and designs long before I actually decide on the final look.

I quite like this look.

It is some expanded titanium that I cut round, domed and heat blued to see what it would look like.

I think I am going to roll out some titanium plate and then pierce a honeycomb shape very fine and see what that looks like.


State of the Jewel.



The other night Tim and Bea came over for party time.


Was a great evening, much laughter and fun.

Dutch people are much more fun than Germans, much friendlier and spontaneous.

After four years of living in Germany, it is a blessed delight not to have dour and negative people surround you.

Trust me, I am super happy to be out of Germany and I am even more happy not to have to make jewellery for them.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

More work.




Anyway I didn’t like the claws so I carved and cast some new front legs.


They were also kak.

So I carved another front leg and when I stuck it on, it looked too organic.'

The same attitude was applied to the second attempt. Albeit a bit earlier.

Like the actual 'feel' of the piece is flat and constructed' and these would not go well with the flavor of the piece.



Back to square one.



Sand casting—cut the wax out.


Here is a test tail that I cut out from a paper design.



Them legs with the copper work still to be done.



I sand cast a whole bunch of shapes that I will need.

Normally I wouldn't cast so many at once, but I had just aintjies in my gas bottle and it’s a good way to finish it.

I have to go to Germany to get it.


I carved the front leg/gun platform in wax and also sand cast them.


The head will be moved forward.


The head is the thing I will be working on next.


I used a test piece to work out the size of the pipes that will connect the head to the body via a central control column.



Setting up the angle of the wings


I cut the bottom of the head off.

I am going to put a rounded shape in there.



These are the copper cables that will attach the head to the body.

I have a direction and plan—I think.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

More Dragonfly Fighting Machine.





I really battled to get the rear legs like I like them

I had one chance to get the solder right.


So I set it up instu and solder them





Then I made the front legs.

Lately, I have been using a lock tweezer instead of spring tweezers to hold things when I solder them.

Much more controlable.


These are the front legs first joint and the connectors to the body.



  Like this.

I made these so they flat and broad, because they are going to become gun platforms and they will have a gatling type gun-- maybe.


I made a few designs in paper before settling on the first one I made.


They were an mission to make- took me three days just to get this far.


The front legs/claws will also be handy in fighting as well.

I was going to articulate it but there really is no point, so static it is.


Top view of the claws.




The current rear leg is going to be angled more to the back and then the middle led will be fitted.




Quite a mean sunset the other day



Another one.

We have been having remarkabaly clear weather as of late.



So we made a bonfire.



And made a braai in winter.


And we drank and danced the night away.


And we sent up crishies into the sky.

It was a great Friday night.