Wednesday, October 10, 2007

October production

Today I cut this 'bottom of the barrel' afgan tourmaline. It is one of the last stones of a parcel that I bought.I cut it because its better than rough lying around.
Then I finished this ring that I started yesterday
It was the chrome tourmaline that I cut on monday? I think. Anyway the setting went well. 18ct white and yellow gold I like the way the tube (bezel) came out I am going to use that some more in other designs. The chrome I bought from It is a bright apple green, flawless and friggin expensive. Sigh--you get what you pay for, and I am very happy------ just need a larger splodge of wonga...
Then I made and set this pendant. I didn't cut the stones. Thet are the customers as is the design and gold. I was only the 'maker'. The bail has 4 diamonds set in it.Now I am going to finish my "making small tubes" How to.. at
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