Thursday, October 11, 2007

October stuff

This morning I did repairs for an IMPORTANT customer. I hate repairs.

This afternoon I started a tourmaline ring. I won't finish it tomorrow because on Saturday the cleaning lady comes in and so by default Friday is "make the workshop dirty' day normally I save Friday's to work in titanium, which I am going to do .

The tube finished. This is a kak photo. I cut this one in the Wilf Ross design 6.8 carats.

So this evening I experimented making purple gold again.

So the rhs I made the other day. The middle one I made today. Au 75% Al25% the LHS one I decided to alloy with 90% gold and 10% aluminium Lo and Behold, no purple colour. I was quite amazed. So you need close to 18ct proportion to get purple. Id like to mix more stuff up but I am getting low on fine gold. And the wife might start getting techy and all that :)

Anyway so the middle one was a bit porous, so I decided to put is back in the oven to see if it would melt again

No ways. All that happened was some Ali oozed out but it did not become liquid again. And I took it to 11Celsius for ten minutes. Pity. The black you see is the flux and the oxide, vacuum or not. Still purple underneath.
I also tried to solder silver to titanium under vacuum. Didn't work. Damn, I was sure it would.
Next wee I am going to see if I can solder purple gold to gold under vacuum. Who knows?

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