Saturday, October 13, 2007

October Stuff

So today I finished and posted it.
I could have done the job with a 'store bought' collet, but I wanted to make it old style. There are too many so- called jewellers that belong to the "Church of Assembly" . Namely, all they have to do is pick up a phone or modem and dial in the component. It's there-- and they pop it on an "Viola-- zee djzob izz done!!!" Bullshit. You ain't a goldsmith until you can walk the walk. And that means making you own wire, rolling you own plate, melting your own metals and setting you own stuff. Maybe not setting, per se, but certainly knowing how your metals work.'It is sad, but the Britney Spiers of gold smiths do make more money than me often and that does lead to a----------- HEAVY SIGH----..
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