Friday, October 19, 2007

October Stuff

Finished!!!!!!!! These are very difficult bangles to make. Wax work--Sprueing--Casting -- File-ing---File-ing ---Sanding-----Titanium setting and so on Boy, when I finish these, apart from the fact that they sell, and do look so cool, I often,--- no always, ---ask myself why I make them.
They worth more than the $1500 I sell them for.
For me to make a niceeee, niceee ring in Happy Valley with a .30ct diamond and some gold work nets me the same amount of money with soooo muchless work. SO WHY DO YOU DO IT YOU, DOOS???? 'Cause I like it your Honour....
What can I say??
Carved Titanium bird, blued and coloured with heat, with fused 14ct gold set with Sandawana emeralds and a Citrine in 14ct gold.
I know, I know the putty at the bottom screws the picture up, but what can I say??
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