Thursday, October 25, 2007

October Stuff

This is a piece of St Maarten rock that I had to make into a keyring. I also had to put a lil' ol' froggie on it. Hey! don't blame me, some people are a bit left of center, so they come to me for stuff.....
Finished yesterday..

This is the Titanium/silver/fused gold bangle. I finished it today. As I have said before, these things are a MISSION to make. This one was photographed by the boss lady. I taught her to use the camera, now she teaches me (GRIN) --The orange stone is a spessarite garnet.

Okay so I finished this onion commission piece These are all her own stones and design. I do not normally make onions. Still it was an interesting project..I am posting a HIDI on it at my website. This piece weighs only 20 grams.( 40x 30mm ) Not bad for hollow work. I did carve the wax very thin.

My Hidi's are posted under

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