Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Octobers 2007 Production

For this month I am going to make a quick snapshots of the stuff I make
These are going to be quick and nasty pics. When the boss lady has done the correct pictures I will replace them.
Starting on Day 1

18ct pendant set with 3x .o5ct diamonds and a peridot I cut last month, 2.50ct
Oct 2

Pink tourmaline 1.5oct Buff bottom peridot 2ct I started them on the 1st and finished on the 2nd

Titanium and 18ct pendant about 70mm in dia. Set with a .10ct diamond and a 1.59 rubelite I cut last month.
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->Oct 3

Sprued up and ready for investing

While the burnout was taking place I made and set this 18ct white gold fused ring

And started this 18ct opal and diamond pendant. This is as far as I got until I had to start casting
The is the cast finished. One is some 14ct gold pendants and findings and two future silver, gold titanium bangles.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Oct 4

Then I finished this pendant The opal is drilled and dangles nicely, if I may say so..

And I made and set this 14ct bangle. Stock replacement. These are good sellers.
Oct 5
I cut these stone today. One is a rhodochrosite pendoloque shape that I am going to make into a pendant and the other is a chrome tourmaline that I bought from a dude in gemology online. Expensive $100 for a 6.5 mm stone but I know EXACTLY what ring I am going to make with it next week. The pink stone is still being cut.
So a dental tech buddy came into the shop today and he is selling some equipment he had excess.This is a wax station that I bought for $150. A bargain for me
I also bought a vacuum porcelain firing oven from him.This should alow me to solder Titanium to gold, something I have been wanting to do for a LONG time. So then I will be able to attach collets to titanium rings( I hope) I'll pick it up this weekend.... Sooo cool
Oct 6 I finished two tutorials on my real web
Also I cut a 6.5mm chrome tourmaline
Oct 7.
Today I went and fetched my 'porcelain vacuum oven' This is quite 20 years old and came with the vacuum pumd since it is a vacuum furnace. Something I have never even heard of. Utterly cool for a tool juncki like me...
And I painted my shops security door . St Maarten has an amazingly corosive atmosphere and any outside thing has to be painted at least once a year.
SOOOO to get back to the oven. After I had installed it and the vacuum pump it was down to testing the thing out . First, I took some titaniun and 18ct gold and put it in the oven up to 1000C degrees under vacuum. Total fuckup.
This is the before picture
And this is the after picture Didn't fuse as i had hoped. I wanted to have the stuff puddle on the titanium..Next thing was to mix some Gold with aliminiun in 18ct proportions some ting I had wanted to do for a looong time. PURPLE GOLD...

This is the gold in a hollowed out soldering pad before.

And this is when I pulled it out
So it doesn't look good, but actually it is for an first attempt----- watch me !
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