Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Fixing Things

I made this cabinet and I installed Quartz Halogen lights, but now I am busy replacing the with Metal Halide lights. The QH lights are so energy hungry, they consume a large part of my $700/month electricity bill. The Halide lights are supposed to be much more efficient. They are certainly much brighter. The one in the pic is only 70watts. It is actually to bright, and at 4000K washes out the jewellery. So I got a 3200K light coming, which should give me less of a super-nova effect.

This ring was made for the dude who I made the whistle for. Watch for a tutorial coming soon onto my jewellery making list on my web. ( you know how to make a whistle?)

This ring was brought in by a very pretty, if somewhat wacky lady. I cut the little moonstone for her that had fallen out.. I is a "magic ring", and I was not supposed to open it otherwise the magic would escape.
Naturally, I did look inside and there were a couple of hairs inside...they looked very much to be pubes...no kidding..... good luck charm from the boyfriend, maybe..? her own? the mind boggles.

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