Saturday, November 10, 2007

November Rhymes

The Emerald fell down and wept.
With an Aqua, her Ruby had slept.
He was pure and blue,
that much was true.
And she felt so inept.

There was nothing much she could say,
When she found out her Ruby was gay.
So she moved off alone,
a beautiful green stone.
And went to live in L.A.

She went to an Opticon bar,
And she met Mr. Larimar
He was a one night stand
with a gentle hand.
She knew it wouldn't go far.

In downtown L.A,
She was walking one day.
And suddenly she tripped,
And her girdle was chipped.
A re- cut, some would say.

She looked far and wide
for a cutter with pride.
No-one that was sleazy
Cutting her was not easy.
She would not be denied

Oh, oh, that was hard
she did not want to be scarred
She got one response
A guy called Hans
And she became avant-garde

He cut her good and well,
She did not go through hell
A cutter so impassioned
with love, she was fashioned
truly a mademoiselle.

Now she is in a ring
Her colour is now king
No longer does she cry
No longer does she sigh
The queen of bling-bling
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