Thursday, November 8, 2007

November stuff

My o' my. Today I did not make any jewellery. I did jewellery related stuff. The landlord of the building that my shop is in is a tight fisted Frenchie. So he won't paint the building. He does no maintenance at all. Then the place looks kak. No problem to me. I go buy the paint, ($400), a long ladder ($200) and I paint the place myself ($100/hour.) That is what I earn on my bench, so then that is what I earn painting too. Then I deduct it from the rent. He does not say anything. Next week I am going to build a security gate for the building, that was promised two years ago. I am going to charge the shit out of him. But I am very good at welding and making such things, so I will do a good job. I have to make it because there is an ethnic night club down the road and then they get drunk and then they go to the back of the building and shit there. It freaks the absolute bejeezus out of me.
Heavy, heavy sigh.
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