Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Changed 10x Loupes,Silver Master

Today I finished this ring from the cast that I did earlier. It is ready for moulding.This ring has got a niobium concave coloured Caribbean blue 'washer 'and an orange cubic zirconia cut in a standard brilliant set in an 18 tube coming to it soon at a computer screen near you.. So there..

My old loupe that I use almost daily was a little bit embarassing. I got tired of such a ratty type of loupe. I use this for my gemcutting and after a while, Anne had a even more rubbish looking loupe in the front of the shop.

I bought some of those traditional folding loupes and took them apart and attached the magnifying bit to two lengths of scavenged sections of brass rod from an earlier project. I made the top bracket out of brazing rods rolled flat and after I bent them right ( this took several attempts) and soldered them to the twisted stem. Then I drilled the holes and re screwed them in the same configuration that they were originally.

So cute! togetherness = his and hers loupes.... ha,ha.