Sunday, December 9, 2007

Outside my shop this Sunday

So I didn't do to much today. I just drew some designs for my sister's engagement ring.
Last night we went to some friends and had a great party so I was a bit 'fragile' today.

But when I opened the shop this morning, there was this parked out side. Happens to be a owner of a steakhouse down the road. Shame, he hit a SUV from the back.

Later there were two timeshare sellers selling timeshare to some tourists. They use real hard sell tactics. Like right now in the picture, they pretending that the victims, sorry, tourists, have 'won' some scratch prise. She is pretending to be thrilled. And then later the two chicks will give each other high fives, making out that this 'prize it the best thing ever.Then if they can, they will whisk the tourists off to go collect the prize, which is really a hard sell venue for timeshare.. These two didn't get caught.
We had people in the entire day. So much for fragile