Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Sea Shell Pendants

The one side

And the other side.
These are three 14ct gold pendants that I made for three daughters. Have I been making sets for daughters this month, or what! They are also cast from a vulcanized shell. Then I pierce the shape of St Maarten out of 14ct plate, set a diamond in it and solder them to the shells. That makes them reversible . The inside I had to plate with Rhodium. I am not to crazy about that, but what the hell, that is what was ordered. Besides, it does sort of give a contrast-ish look to the map. These sell well. I make the shell in silver and 14ct gold map as well.

These are just replacement stock that I had cast and cleared off my bench today. Two maps of St Maarten and a set of cast shell earrings set with 5mm amethysts. The dolphin is a cast from stock, set with a aquamarine cab.
I have found that maps sell well. I learnt this in Africa, where maps of the continent with pierced antelopes,bushmen and the like sold well. So when I came to the island, the first thing I did was to start a range of different map design jewellery. And it wasn't six months or so and lo and behold, the other jewellers had them in their windows. Loved it. Shows they watch my jewellery. So I make them out of titanium, enamel them, cast them, pierce them, carve them out of Larimar,wood,stone and anything I can think of. See if you can copy that guys! I am NEVER afraid of being copied, and I couldn't care two pins if people rip my designs off.. or my pictures, or what I write.
Anyway, if I lived in New York, or Sydney, or anywhere I would make maps because they sell well.