Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Stained Glass Cast and Vulcanized Shell

Ain't that just pretty. Teeny shells and a dolphin. It worked this time. The glass did not crack and I cast at 700C and then just left the flask outside to cool down. Then I took a screwdriver and carefully removed the plaster.Then I cut it off and gave it a light polish before I photo'd it. The reason is that whenever I cast beach glass, the friggin' stuff mostly cracks when I polish it. Something to do with the heat, contraction and expansion, methinks. Anyway, this one will get a lid next time I cast. Next week, I think.
This is that shell I vulcanized in the previous post.Nice texture. I am going to make a set of earrings out of it.I know I could carve something out of wax like this, but then it would not be so random and 'imperfect'