Monday, December 17, 2007

The Story of the Dissapearing Gold Foil

A while ago this Rasta dude walks into my shop and in a circumspect way says he has acquired a shopping bag full of gold leaf. Really, a shopping bag? Full? And indeed, there were a few dozen books of gold leaf in the bag. There was one small problem, however. You see, he said, it had got wet. And that made it unusable because the stuff was stuck to the paper and so could not be used for gilding any more. Could I maybe melt it for him.? His brother was an interior decorator and was doing a job on a villa on the island and had asked him to come to me to see if he could recover some of the costs back. ( the stuff is expensive.). Lets burn one and see, says I.
One book of stuck sheets. Looks like a lot of gold, right?

One 'book' in the crucible

Action Shot.

Limp Biscuit result. Gone. Nutin' If I had not personally seen it I would not believe it. Nor he. Luckily I 'melted' it in front of him, otherwise he would have thought I was doing him in!
The gold leaf is so thin that all that there was are those little specks at the back of the crucible.
You learn, dude, you learn....