Friday, December 7, 2007

The Story of the Three Carat Diamond

Above was this silver rhodium plated ring that Rene bought from a jewellery shop around the corner. I had to do something with it.
The reason was because one evening she and her daughter got a bit pissed on champagne and in a fit of paternal love she gave her 3 carat diamond ring to her daughter. This was a yellow pure gorgeous stone set in a 18kt setting. Well, the next morning, as she told me, she phoned her daughter up and said to her, "Listen, I know I gave you my ring last night, but can I borrow it back again.?"
So the daughter asked, 'For how long?"
"Well, she says, I am seventy years old, you work it out". (I promise, that is what she told me )
"No ways" says the daughter--and that was all she wrote...
She was NOT giving that ring back.
So Rene come into my shop with the ring in the picture. A rhodium plated silver affair.

And I take the stone out . A cubic zirconia, which I re cut, on her instruction, to a 9.5mm round SRB .

Then I carved it in wax and then cast it into 18ct gold and set the stone. It came out really cool.Rene was determined to have a 'diamond' ring on her finger, no matter what!
So cool that I ordered 400 grams of different coloured material for cutting. I want to make some seriously 'Funky' type of classy jewellery.
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