Friday, December 14, 2007

Titanium Gold Map of St. Maarten

Today I have been feeling a bit NAFI, ( pronounced N-ahh-fi )which is South African for no ambition, fuckall interest. So this is all the work I did in the last two days. Mind you, the titanium pendant takes a day to make. Titanium background, blued with a torch, 18ct white gold and fused 18kt yellow gold. The gold line running through the middle is the Dutch and the French sides of the island. The cut outs denote Simpson Bay lagoon (left) where I live, and Salt pond, where salt was extracted in the old days.
And to my friend in Tasmania who 'mailed me the other day about titanium colouring, this pendant took three attempts to get the colour right with no spots. I am doing a HIDI (how I do it ) on it over the weekend so and I'll post here when the tutorial is uploaded.

These are the finished earrings I made from the mould picture a few posts back. Set with 5mm amethysts. The texture came out nice, as with all things from Mother Nature, not so?

This is a stock pelican that I cast from an injected wax. This one sells well here on St. Maarten.