Friday, January 4, 2008

18kt heavy Chain Bracelet

Nice work, weight wise. 90 odd grams of 18kt . Made for a good client of mine on her design.
I go to dinner tonight and give it to her . Hope she likes the end result. The links are hammered before they are bent and soldered. I had to draw the wire in my newly made wire drawing machine I made a few posts back. Ha! So as soon you have the tool, you will use it...The wire is 4mm thick and was a bitch to bend. A fold-over catch keeps the piece together. Anyway I am out of here. Got to go to dinner at the Lotterie farm restaurant, which serves the singularly best fillet on the island of St Maarten,~! I think I might get pissed tonight and let Anne drive home....
probably not, though!!