Sunday, January 6, 2008

Carving a Titanium Ring

We start. Slicing a piece of titanium off a thick slab. This an off cut slab that I buy from a titanium company from their off-cut box. I have to make a different sized ring from one of my titanium rings that is in the window. I first have to make a 'blank' for her to come and fit on. Tit. rings cannot be sized easily, and not soldered on at all. I might add, the stuff is friggin' hard and it blunts files easily. I use my old jewellery files and some 15" bastard files to do the rough work. Sweat stuff, I promise.

Next I drill out the shank. This ring is size 'J' ( 4 and 3/4) so I drill it a mm or so to small so I can file it up to size later. I like to file these ring to a 'comfort fit' style, which is basically half-round on the inside too.

I use a bench grinder to do a lot of the grunt work and the it's to the files.

This is as far as I've got. She comes in tomorrow to fit. It has to be finished by Thursday. The ring on the left is the original model, with an 18kt collet and a blue Zircon. The ring on the left was made out of a piece of bar. That is why it has a joining piece of gold at the bottom.