Thursday, January 17, 2008

A couple of stone I cut in the last few weeks.
Black CZ . Excellent carving potential. ( without having tried yet ) In my opinion this would be a far better material to use than 'black onyx', which is normally black dyed something or other.
Green CZ I got is to dark.
The next is a hybridstone that I first glued together and then cut into a sort of opposed bar cut. Didn't work well at all. Piece of shit, in fact. And the glue I use takes 5 days to dry. For the gem cutter in me, that's a long time to wait...
I bought some CZ rough, and I think I am going to carve a nice colour change piece of rough. The carving is the nice part.
The the accompaning gold work.
That's so much more work..
But I like the thought of using ultra cheap, perfectly made material, that has such a colour change, and is easily polished.
There is a lot of freedom in that.

Black coral 14ct gold and some small diamonds. These chokers sell well.
The caps are hand made and riveted. The diamonds are pre-set and press fitted in the body. You got to be careful when they are pressed in. Once the in, they can not be taken out. Period. Unless you break the coral.

Larimar sells well to. Soon some are coming out......