Thursday, January 31, 2008

Design Attack!! 18kt Hollow Pendant Start.

This pendant is a commision. I first make tubing, copper wire etal. I described that process a few posts back. This one has been drawn through a square drawplate.I first set the diamonds before it goes into the acid. Easier, because the wall thickness is .o5mm . Then I etch it in nitric acid
Tomorrow I will finish it. Then the U channels will have elephant hair inserted.

The back. Note the square copper center.

I have been commisioned to make a 18kt butterfly pendant with wings inlaid with red jasper and zugalite(purple) So I mini slabbed a whole lot of slices. I feel a design attack comming on.... The pendant stone below was made with the stone six'o'clock in the picture.

Drilled and carved larimar. Third attempt was sucessful.

This friggin' thing bust as I went through. To hard pressure was the most likely cause. And a mild touch of impatience!!!!