Monday, January 28, 2008

Hollow 18ct Bracelet and a Ring and a Thing

This is a 18ct hollow bracelet I made out of a Canadian Maple coin. I alloy it to 18kt and I get 40 grams.. Then I make tubing and insert a copper rod into the tubing. Then I draw both down until, in this case is was 4mm in diameter. Then I bent it to shape and hammer it with a ball peen hammer. Then I throw it into nitric acid and after a day or two the copper is all eaten away. I solder the links closed and with the rest of the gold, make the attaching links and fold over catch.
I made a similar one that was solid for a client a few posts back, but that thing weighed over 80 grams. So I decided to make a lighter one. So this one is stock.

Also stock. Set with a diamond. Reposse yellow and white gold.

I was told to make this thing. Just like that.