Sunday, January 13, 2008

Repousse Bi-metal ring and Amethyst ring

This is a variation of a ring I made in Zimbabwe. I have always liked this design personally, but it has not really been a fast seller.

How ever, this style ring, which I finished today, is very popular. The basic idea is dealt with on my website under 'tutorials' . Other than the inside, I keep it hammered and rough on the outside. Then polished hard, to remove hard edges. The diamonds I set in .80mm material, which I rolled progressively thinner on the roller before I repousse it into the required shape. This ring weighs 13 gram of 18kt gold.
This way of making rings can be made with very thin material, but I generally make them thick, so they weigh about 25 to 30 grams of 18kt. I like the weight. Also, they strong when they thick walled.
One slight problem is the 'ol $900 per ounce price tag.-- Stiff man... I'm old enough to remember the $800 per ounce in the late 70's but, Dang!, this one at the current price is a little less than cool...
When this stuff with the gold price happens, I always ask myself, So who makes all the profit?
It ain't me!!