Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Ruby Ring that Worked

Deary me, some times I get jobs that have a high chance of going wrong. Like this one .

She is a lovely lady comes into my shop with an old ring she does not like. So I take the stone out of her old ring and check it out.

My oh my, there is a big inclusion in the ruby. This is a large fracture that might or might not be natural. Sigh........

Anyway, this is the piece that I made. A hollow 18ct double skin repousse ring that I set with a total of 1.20ct colour E vvs diamonds and THE RUBY.
I shit myself to set this kind of stone . I take endless care before I press down on it. It is her stone not mine. I break it, I am fucked. I would not be able to get another one. Not that it is a great stone per se.. but that it is hers, sentimental value and all.
Thank you, Lord of Setting, that it all went well. I praise you endlessly.
She loved it----- And so did I her. She is a lovely person... beautiful, bouncy and pretty. I love doing work for people like that. They make me positive.
Thank you, LoS