Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Story of the Vacant Pumphouse

I haven't posted something non- jewellery for a while.........
In St. Maarten, there is, to my knowledge, one spraying fountain. You know the type. They always in traffic circles, in parks, or in city squares. Spraying beautiful white plumes of water in the air, they are common in most cities.
St Maarten also has one. At least, it did. In the 5 years I have been living on this rock, I think I have seen it work maybe four or five times. But for the last year it has been dead in the water, so to speak.

I know, I know, the technology is not complicated. Nor is it uncommonly expensive. Or difficult to maintain.

On this island, however, this skill seems to be beyond the grasp of the relevant government department. The result is that the friggin' thing never works.
So since the pump house is not used, and therefore, by default, always vacant I decided to put a for rent sign on it.

If you look carefully, just above the extreme right side of the roof, you can see the 'fountain ring' in the middle of the pond. Not working, needless to say.

Well about two weeks went by, and then a reporter of the Daily Herald woke up. The Daily Herald, to explain, is the local rag-- and -- ahem, --would be not be regarded as the best example of investigative reporting. In fact, it is more like a moving photo album of the local politicians, to be quite honest. ---Tsk, Tsk, 'Shame how could you!' type of editorials.----

Anyway, this is the photo and caption that was published

I quote the caption verbatim:
'Is the tiny Fresh Pond fountain pump house for rent? This sign, placed on the pump house, is advertising a property across the road, but this did not stop some of the residents from wondering if the pump house was up for rent and who should be contacted, as the sign says "apply inside"
Sooooooooo funny....