Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Titanium Ring Finished

First drilled and then cut with the hacksaw and starting on my bench grinder.

I started smacking it round and up to size from an early age.
Filling and smacking up to size

Along the same line of design as the post below, the finish of the titanium ring I started a few posts back.
After she came in for the size fitting, and it fitted (whew) I could carry on to finish it off.
Once the ring has been filed and sanded finished, it is coloured and matt- finished. Then the inside is polished.
The collet is 18ct U shaped gold with the claws soldered on. It is then riveted onto the ring using a GraverMax on hammer after a rivet has been soldered onto the collet bottom. The stone is one that I did not cut. Nevertheless, it's a very nice zircon.
Since the whole ring has been made out of one piece of metal, making titanium rings in this manner is very size specific. Some sizing can be done upward by hammering. The blueing is done with a Oxy- gas flame. The photograph shows two different colours, but actually they are equal blue. The left colour on my monitor is representative.
If titanium blue is used in a ring then it has to be protected. More by the design than anything else. If the blue section stands proud, it will scratch. Eventually it looks ugly.
The upside is that when it is protected, it never tarnishes.
Although, to be fair, I have has some old soldering flux leak onto heat blues titanium and change the colour. A real mission, because then you got to take the whole piece apart and re- blue the titanium and schlep it all back together.......
But at the end of it all, I just love that heat blued colour.
The ring in the picture was first blued. So that was the first section to be finished to showroom condition.
Then it was matted using a steel matting wheel on the outside.
Then the collet was riveted into the shank.
Then the inside was finished off and polished.
Then the stone was set.