Saturday, February 2, 2008

Larimar Cabs and Gold Hollow Pendants.

Todays production.
I made another slightly smaller pendant as in the last post. I had excess material I had made .That I turned into three more pendants. Again, I set the diamonds before I etch the copper out with nitric acid. If I make a cross section like this I always make more, if I can.
I also started some pre- finished cabs , prior to some larimar rings that I want to make.

Larimar rings sell well, but cabbing larimar is a measure of patience, because it breaks , or splits easily on it's faults.
I am a brutal pre former, because if the stone must die, I want it to die in my brutal hands. Once they survive the brutal pre-forming stage to the polishing stage, they tend to be the strongest.
Cabbing for good colour is erratic in larimar.. The colour changes in millimeters. The second and second last cabs is what I look for. The third and last one are not such a nice colour. They still get finished off because of the time invested. They good to give to the family as presents. ha ha ha

I really like to work in the copper etched tubing. ( previous post) It allows you to make sectioning that is both accurate and equal. It also allows you , with annealing, to make very tight bends.
Along with the larimar rings, I am going to make several different profiles of the copper etch sectioning.

I am going to make sectioning that I can enamel with.

I also want to make a pendant with the broadest cross section I can make and draw, and be as thin as I can make the wall thickness.
I think I can make a 50mm diametre ring with a cross setion of 5mm and with a wall thickness of .3mm. I think it will weigh 10 gram-ish........
We'll see.