Thursday, February 14, 2008

Pendants, Crystals and Anne and the Sign

I made this pendant out of old gold for a customer. Flat things are a schlep to make.

This is Anne adjusting the temperature on the sign outside my shop. ( the temperature is actually 26C, not -2 C)
The owner of the building is a twunt, and after the sign was put up after three years of occupation, another year went by while the electricity was supposed to be connected. Stuff that, I bought a sub- meter and connected the thing from my distribution box in my shop. Now I deduct the juice every month from my rent. And I charged him instalation fees. And it runs 24/7
Friggin' dogs breath...
I have been doing a lot of lapidary work and I pulled out some crystals and whatnot , to make some pendants and to carve stuff out of.
Anyway, one of the quartz crystals that I thought would make a really shiny pendant out of, had such cool inclusions in it, that I put it under my microscope
And lo and behold, there was a bubble inclusion. Water and gas.

I have been to Spitzkopje in Namibia, where I bought some quartz crystals that have bubbles in them. So I am not unfamiliar with this stuff.

So now, I am going to saw the crystal away until I have only the bubble in a small stone-- and then faccet the stone for a setting in a ring.

I think a quartz stone with a bubble in it set in a ring,would be very cool.