Saturday, March 15, 2008

Don't Laugh! I Ain't finished!!

I finally put in a carpet in the bottom of my bench to catch the gold when I work. These are carpet tiles that I bought in South Africa and the parcel took four and a half months to get to St Maarten. Whew. Anyway all's well that ends well, not so?

Don't laugh. This is a beetle ring that is about to be cast in silver to be made into a master pattern.
Now when I make this type of fantasy type ring my wife Anne walks around my bench with dark mutterings of 'over the top things' and 'who buys this type of stuff'
Ah well, I like making this type of jewellery, and in my life , all the fantasy things I have made all have sold....sooner or later.
As I type, it has already been cast successfully, and just as soon as I have finished off the model I will post.