Sunday, March 2, 2008

First Finished Work for March

A sea scape ring I made. Slow seller, but finally she sold. When I made a whole range of these, I thought they would be quick sellers, but they stuck for quite a while

This is a wax carved and cast fused silver and gold bracelet.

And then I made these matching earrings, but they were made hollow with the repossé technique. So they about 40mm in length, and closed at the back, and only weigh 5 grams each. Nice. I did not want them heavy, so I worked in .3mm thick material.

A Guchi type link with a cut out stylistic elephant in the middle. This stuff I used to make in Botswana. The funny thing is that elephant still sell very well here, island not withstanding.

This is the top of a master pattern ring that I carved. It has already got it's sprue on, so hence the straight angle. This ring I carved with wax. She, Margie, is an expert carver, and asked me to write a test report on the wax. I like it. I usually use Ferris or Matt purple wax. Her wax is a very pleasant green, is a bit softer, has a lower melting temperature Still, it does carve very well, takes detail very well and is definitely something I will use again.
The first cast off the mould will have a blackened background.