Sunday, March 9, 2008

Gold Bangle and Wave Pendant

I have been quite busy with shop work

This was quite a large job that I completed yesterday. She was very happy with it. 18ct gold and 54 colour G diamonds totalling more than 2 carats. The bangle weighed about 60 grams. Nice...The two pearls are symbolically for her husband. This was a birthday gift from him to her on her 54th birthday. The bangle is made in two pieces, and is then fitted on the wrist and two gold screws. I made a custom screw driver and a spare screw as well.
In my workshop I do not play around!!!! This is a matter of speed weighed against waste. Needless to say, Anne cleaned up thoroughly after I was finished, muttering words like waste and laziness.......( I could,should, have used a piercing saw and cut the circle out)
This was another job that I finished yesterday. 18ct gold and weighing 45 grams. I first carved the model in wax. The first two attempts did not meet with success, because it was not what she had in mind. After she made a small sketch, I had a AHA moment and I was able to carve something that she was very happy with. She is a regular visitor to the island, and so next year we will probably put some diamonds in the 'foam'.
This is the wax that I presented to my client. I use purple Matt wax as my primary carving wax. I like Ferris purple wax the best of all, but my jewellery suppliers do not stock it. Anyway, before I show it to my client, I spray paint it with gold spray paint, the type one buys at the hardware store. Same with the silver 'foam'. This is much better than just showing the raw wax colour, because it defines the various textures, and gives it a better depth to my client. I also use this technique for myself when I am carving. It is very easy to see where I am going then.
The paint I just wash off with paint thinners before casting. The wax is not affected by this solvent.
A set of wedding bands made for a friend of mine.