Friday, March 21, 2008

Jewellery and First Light

This is an Anguilla pendant, titanium background, 18kt white and yellow gold. Made on commission for some seriously cool clients that visit ( obviously) Anguilla.
This one. Made for Rebecca. She brought in her old gold and had this design in mind. 14kt on the outside and 18kt white gold on the inside. I like making bangles, even tho' they more work.
This is Ana's engagement ring. She is engaged to Travis, a SA bud. Although this design is simple, it sets the diamond off very well and allows for a good variation by the wedding bands. When they doth get wed.....
First light of the new lamp.---- Such a Mi Larney title.--- First light is the term used when large telescopes are opened to the universe. Hey,! this light is no less important!! to me anyway...
Glass tubing as came (Came is the lead profile normally used in stained glass projects) This one, unlike the previous one, was easy. It took two days of work. The green panel is raised about 10mm from the blue. This gives a 3 dimensional effect which is not easy to see in this photo.

However, when the light is turned off , the raised green panels are more easily visible.
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