Monday, March 31, 2008

Of Sugelite Rings,Enamel and Lights

Finished this Sugelite ring. 18 kt yellow and white gold and a carved piece of Sugelite set with 4 diamonds. I like purple.
The sides have been engraved and a little diamond has been set into the floral engraving.
I have been playing around with enamel. This is a silver pendant enamels with a sea and rocks scene The two gulls are made out of 18kt gold.
And thusly the 'Viral Light progresses ----Bending the glass rods is a mission. But after a few failures I got the hang of it.
These are some of the brass fitting I have made for this light. They still have to finished off. Strictly speaking this is not a stained glass light. Rather a light with some stained glass. The next one I'm making is going to be with drift wood again.
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