Monday, March 17, 2008

On the jewellery rolls.

An octopus pendant . I carved this one in wax first, then cast the model, then vulcanised and cast into gold. I used a picture on the net as my reference. It's tiny, only about 25mm in diameter.

I was going to cast this one in silver, but at the last minute decided on gold. (gulp) 21grams. That had Anne muttering dark mutters about never selling, to heavy and such like verbalings...
The last eagle ring I made was in 1985, and then an american women bought it from me before I could even mould it. (In those days in South Africa, americans were very rare :) .So I always have wanted to replace it and recently, in a fit of lethargy, I did so. Never say I am not too fast!!

Debbies ring set with her diamonds I made her bangle a few months back and when she and hubby came to St Maarten for their timeshare holiday I made the matching ring.