Thursday, April 3, 2008

Diamond Ring, Sugilite Earrings and Wax Carving

This is a fused gold ring I made on commission for a client. 18kt white gold in the middle and her square diamond. I set the round diamonds gypsy.

These are some Sugilite studs I carved and made. Replacement stock. I drilled holes through them and soldered the white gold tubes to the back.
Tomorrow is casting day. That's because the cleaning lady comes in on Saturday, so I don't have to do the cleaning.This is a swan wax I carved. It is going to fit over a cab that I have not cut yet.
This is my test girl I carved. This is the first wax from Maggie Merskie's green wax that I am testing out, that I carved under a microscope. The wax performs very well. I like it better that the Matt purple wax of the swan wax. After I have carved a few more I am going to give a full road report on Orchid. But I must say I like it well for micro carving.
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