Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Finished Pendant and Stained Glass Futheration

She is finished. She is 14ct gold. Wax carved and then cast.The background is Liver of Sulphur blackened silver. The enamel has fine gold in the back ground to give a iridescence effect. The titanium border is cut and filed out of one piece of metal. Plus a diamond on the bail.

The other side has a gold background with a titanium stylistic tree and an 18ct enameled dragonfly Emralds, saphires, rubies and diamonds do the stones This pendant took about ten days to make, although I had cast the mermaid before I started. Other than the dragonfly, which is fabricated out of 6 pieces and set onto the titanium background, the entire pendant is screwed together. Like all the stones are screws. This is very cool, because if I was not happy with something, I could just unscrew it and fix whatever was wrong. The pendant is big, about 75mm long. The lady that wears this one is going to get noticed---both ways!

This is how I started the 'heart' of titanuim

Filing the bail out.

My new stained glass light is in the futheration process.....

Lady Anne feeding my dogs......
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