Saturday, April 12, 2008

Love doing this kind of work....

This is the screw that I use to hold the whole pendant together. The thread is soldered to the tube and then the stone is set in.

This is the one side with pre blued titanium. Just to get a balance of colours. I will sand this down to it's pre polish next. It is a good thing to pre blue with a light flame. At about 220 grit. That way when you go down to 1200 and prepolish, all the deeper scratches show blue, so you sand them all down to grey. Then you know you got them all.
The back ground is still under --umm-- research and development. Final process coming in a further post.

This is the other side pre blued. The coppery colour was from the liver of sulphur I was playing around with. It is actually going to be a powder blue or Caribbean blue. And some orange, I think. Enamel, that is...
The next thing is to make the bail, hanger thing. Out of titanium.

This is how far I got with the new light
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