Sunday, April 6, 2008

New Jewellery and a Viral Light POS

Cast Shell and St Maarten Pendant

St Maarten and Enamel pendant. Playing around with my new enamels.

Dedicated St Maarten Pendant. I have said this before, but its ok to repeat to the goldsmiths that follow this blog. Make pendants of your area. They sell well. And it's cool. There are endless possibilities and people like having a map-like pendant, of ring or earrings of the place that they have been to.. 'nuff said....

This is a POS

Here she hangs. Here it is hung. I spent weeks on this friggin' light. At least 40 hours.Making those brass fixtures was a real mission. I did them three times over. Bending those glass tubes was a whole learning curve, with many failures. I made 16 of them. Used up most of my stash of glass tubes. And it all looked like a POS at the end---a piece of shit. Nothing like I thought in my minds eye it would look. Dang! You never stop learning... Next light is going to be a table top one with a wood base.
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