Sunday, April 13, 2008

News Paper Vernacular

The newspapers on the island (which are actually a moving photo albums for the island politicians) have a quaint manner of describing an accident.

It is always referred to as "The driver lost control of the steering wheel"
Not ever that the driver was drunk as a skunk and proceeded to wipe his car out down a mountain/tree/brick wall.
I can just imagine this wayward steering wheel that refuses to listen to the driver and is in need of a good spanking. Thus the following cartoon I drew.

The post box is a referral to the quaint third world manner that the cops answer their phone. They either don't, or slam the phone down, or leave an answering service late at night. Although I do believe the answering service has been discontinued due to lack of interest...ha ha ha
I call this island a form of 'controlled chaos' I also like it that way, I might add.......
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