Monday, April 28, 2008

Of Enamels, Fires and Replacements

My enamels from Thompson have finally arrived. About 5 days ago, actually. I have been sorting then out, all 170 different packets. So I then made small samples of the transparent ones, which I am actually interested in. Namely to do plique-a- jour again.
I used to have a full selection of enamels in the 'pre fire' days.

To explain, I had a full workshop in Elephant Hills Hotel in Zimbabwe about 6 years ago. Well one fine day, the maintainance staff of the hotel set the hotel on fire.

This was the view as Lady Anne and I approached the hotel. The shit had definitely hit the fan.......

And this was my workshop before

And this was my workshop after. Slightly untidy.... All my moulds, masters and enamels in sy moer-in.

Well, I had another work shop in Botswana, where we actually stayed, so I was able to continue working, but my staff were out of a job. (in Zim).

And that is why with my enamels arriving I have finally replaced mostly everything that I lost.

So now I am going to make some enameled pieces, particularly plique-a-jour. Since I am quite into stained glass, as it were.

This is an 18ct pendant that I started yesterday. The enamel is fired in gold and the surround will be titanium, or maybe niobium, if I can anodize it green enough.I don't know, I'll see. About 50mm high.

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