Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Of Terns, Bangles and Fiats

I finished my Tern pendant.The pendant is silver and the terns are 18kt gold. The bail is made out of two little dolphins.As Lady Anne pointed out, this pendant has clouds with a real silver lining....
Next one I am going to make the foreground out of copper.

I used 'eutectic' solder but I don't like it very much. It is to low in melting temperature and it creeps when I fire the enamel. I am going to play around and see if I can make a REALLY high temp solder, with no zinc in.

I finished this bangle for Lynne and Danny. Funny thing ,I have made four of these bangles in the last year. I think I should make one or two for stock. Only hassle is they eat up my raw gold and unset diamond stock.

We went to some 'carpark' races on sunday. Legal ones too, I might add.... Anyway, herewith, Ladies and Gentlemen, is the exact make and model Fiat 500 that my mother used to own. Hers was pastel green and she took me to my first day in primary school with it. We had a flat tyre on the way. I should have realized that was an omen and that I was going to be late for school more than once.........
P.S the motor is in the back, that's why there is no grill.
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