Saturday, April 19, 2008

Furtheration Of Various Things

This is an unfinished future to be enamel "master' pendant I am making. The birds are 18kt and will be attached after the background enameling is done. I just bought the Thompson sample enamel kit for $75 and its got 169 different enamels. It is coming in two weeks or so. And a thing I really can't wait for is the enamel painting kit I ordered. Imagine being able to paint with enamels. I want to make a pendant that has a carved thorn tree in gold in the front and a painted valley type background. Can not wait!

Furtheration of the light. I lay claim to the word furtheration. Webster does not have it. ha ha
Anyway, this is how she goes. Some copper sheeting is going on the top. The colours will be repeated over the top, but the sides will be more fabricated out of copper sheeting and glass. Maybe clear glass with copper sheeting in front of it.
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