Thursday, April 10, 2008

Shop Work, New Titanium Pendant and a New Light

This was a ring and ear studs I made for a customer. The black is elephant hair thet is inlayed into the gold. Her design and center stones.

This is a reversible multi metal pendant I am making. She was first wax carved and cast. The border is to be blued titanium that I cut from one piece. The background is going to be enameled and liver of sulphur black.

This is the other front side. A completely different pendant.Stylistic titanium that will be blued with an unfinished to-be-enameled (cloisonne) dragon fly. Most of it is screwed together with 14ct screws the will have a coloured stone on the top. The pendant is 75mm high. Lot of work.Lots more to come. Plenty chance of a fuckup.

A new table top light I started tonight. The wood was collected from Botswana.

I think it is sort of going to have fused brass as the inter came pieces.

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