Saturday, May 31, 2008

Learning Enamel Painting

Definitely no Rembrandt, but what the hell, I am having fun.

Baobab in summer. (When It's got leaves!) This pendant is made out of an alloy of platinum and fine silver in the sterling silver proportions. It works well.
I am making the silver backs fast, because I am more interested in how the enamel works. I have used the Thompson painting kit that I bought, but it is not easy at all. Particularly because it comes with very rudimentary instructions.
So I use normal enamels and I just crush them finer and then 'paint' with them. And as soon as the water has evaporated, I torch fire them. Much easier than a oven. Although, I anneal them in my oven at the end of torch firing at 500C for ten minutes. I also don't counter enamel them and so far non have popped after annealing. I somehow dislike the idea of enamel behind a pendant.
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