Saturday, May 3, 2008

Plique a ' Jour, Rings, Necklaces and non PC Pictures

Many, many years ago, in 1980-ish I was about two years into the jewellery trade and I made this plique a ' jour butterfly. Which just goes to show that the lord protects the ignorant.... Curved and domed, 18ct, with a mix of colours that only the young can envisage, it nevertheless took me 120 hours of work to finish. I never sold it. It never was good enough. It used to have
two little antenna that ended with diamonds but they broke off a long time ago. It is about 50mm wide. These days it symbolises the " let's see what happens" attitude I had, and, for that matter, still have.

These days, however I do thing in a slightly more measured manner. This is my latest enamel work, also 18ct that are going to be made into earrings .Literally my 6th attempt of plique a jour. The method I use I will post soon.

This is a ring I made for Natalie. White and yellow gold. She likes rough, fused stuff.

I made this necklace a little while ago, and I didn't have a good photo of it. So now that I have, I thought it OK to post again. It needs a link to be taken out, that's why it came back. Turquoise, sapphires and diamonds.

A few years ago I was at Tuscon and I took these pictures. Need I say more. If anything, this vendor could not care a fuck what others think of him.

And I worry about killing an ant.........
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