Monday, May 19, 2008

Road Rage

There is not much rocket science attached to road building and maintenance. Especially the maintenance part. I mean, every country has roads of some sorts. I have seen and driven beautiful roads in the USA, Europe,Australia. So I know, without a doubt, that it can be done.
In Africa one does get some pretty awful roads .I mean, this is taking potholes a bit far.
In St Maarten it has not gone so bad...yet. This friggin hole has been outside my shop for about two years. You can see the halfhearted attempts to fix it. Like there is never enough time to do the job properly the first time, but there is ALWAYS enough time to come back and do it again....
This causes the cars to have to drive on the pavement, thus screwing up the concrete that the owner of the building cast. And this is on a third world island, that makes up 16 square miles of land on the dutch side. How small is that?

Thus the road working department have officially been added to Hans' list of extinct species.

With that in mind I drew the following cartoon. I will not send it to the Daily Herald, because they are a bit of a kissy-cuddly newspaper. So to the blog it goes!
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