Saturday, May 17, 2008

Three Glass Picture Pendants.

These are three picture pendants that I made in glass enamel. Glass is a whole lot different to painting in oils, for instance.
I bought the painting kit from Thompson Enamels and I have been playing with it ever since...
These pendants are a combination of opaque and transparent enamels, with the painting kit as the 'background'. The painting kit, which comes with basic instructions, requires quite a lot of practise, by the way...... I use water as my solvent. I still have to come to grips with oil based enamel paint. It is the burnout that give me a "lastige systapie" We will get there..
I torch fired these pendants and then when everything was finished, I left it in my oven at 500C for ten minutes. I figure that should take care of the annealing thing

A Koppie. ( Afrikaans for a little hill) As is found in Botswana..

Baobab Valley.... Found in Zim often...

Chobe Sunset. Commorants on a tree at the rivers edge.
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