Friday, May 30, 2008

Tourmaline Tri-Angle Pendant.

This is my latest pendant.

I bought the rough from a Nigerian gem dealer who sends the rough first, and if you like it you pay him. Never heard of that in my life before, but it happened to me.....twice, and after I paid him he disappeared. Then after six months he emails me. Ha Ha that's Africa. I come from there.

And it would not have been the shape it is if it had behaved itself on the cutting dop. As is very typical of blue/green tourmaline it cracked at the one end every time at the polishing stage. Like four times. So a four hour job turned into a six hour job. That's gem cutting for you.

So eventually it wound up an odd shaped stone for a odd shaped pendant. Serendipity......

This was the MC Escher type picture with some sticks that I saw on the net that gave me the idea for a pendant like this.

I enjoy it. It jars the eye.

About 50mm

Tourmaline 3.15ct.

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