Thursday, May 1, 2008

Workers Day Fun

Slowly, oh so slowly, she takes shape. This one is difficult to make. I am going to have to make many copper curved pieces. The sides are going to be the most fun I think. I am going to make copper that has holes fused in it and stained glass mixed in. This weekend. Me and a bottle of good wine will tackle the job. That's why I do this kind of work for fun and not money.

This was a brooch that I turned into a necklace for Linda, one of my favourite customers.

This is a master pattern I made. A stylistic wave pendant. I got an order to make a set of cuff links in gold today, so I am going to tag this one on when I cast the cuff links this weekend. I will set diamonds in the bottom and a either blue or green tourmaline that I cut a while ago, in the tube.

These are two test plique a' jour trees from the planet Org. ( the planet Org has a chlorine atmosphere, therefore they sometimes grow blue leaves) They down and dirty done. One was fire using the Klyre fire method and the other was done using a copper backing that I etched away. More on this method is coming in the next post.

Dear mom, I accidentally put some Viagra in your cars fuel tank. I think things will be better in a few hours time. Love, your son.
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