Friday, June 27, 2008

Back To The Drawing Board

I have always wanted to make a Fairy-- or Faerie-
From childhood, I always imagined there were fairy's. Little folk that watched over you. In green woods. Like in Robin Hood woods. I grew up on Grimms Faerie tales.
With sparkle dust all around her just like the pictures in the children books. The music would be like (now) Ritchie Blackmore and Candice Night play. Renaissance music. Like this link ( watch out , the music is sudden!)

Only when I turned 50 did I realise there were none , Ha Ha Ha, Dang!

Anyway, my fairy did not come out like that music that Ritchie and Candice play. Then again, that is why this post is called 'back to the drawing board'.
I spray my wax ( Ferris purple wax) with gold spray paint to see where I am carving. The colour also gives good depth and washes off with lacquer thinners easily.

This was just before casting. She is 25mm high. I was going to leave her face unfeatured, and that is one of the reasons why I am doing her over. I want a proper face. I don't care how small it is. (6mm) The base, at her feet, was supposed to be an enameled flower, but it came out kak, so I changed it to a fabricated flower, like in the last picture. Still was kak. Bah.

I trimmed her bum a bit smaller after this picture was taken. ( even though I like a fuller figure, you can not have faeries without the perfect body, right?)

Cast in 18ct , and with a 18ct yellow and white gold flower. She would have plique a' jour wings, like a butterfly, in blue and white and green with gold borders and diamonds in the centers.
But I was unhappy.
I want a face. I want feet.
I want much more work than the 30 hours I had spent so far. That was quite hard, 30 hours lost.

So now I am busy with a new fairy. I know what I want. Anything less is not good enough. Good enough is never good enough.

Maybe I will succeed. Maybe not.
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